Funny Finch

Funny Finch

Funny Finch is the first virtual voice operated dog in the world.

The application will let you get a funny virtual pet named Finch in your device. He is a good and pretty good-natured do – friendly and charming. He is active, funny and quick – he can do a lot of various household chores.

Finch’s main skill is that it can fulfill various voice orders. Just like a real dog Finch responds to orders and tries to follow them. The impressive obedience of the “toy” is intriguing for many users as Finch’s ability to follow order of the owners is something new in the field.

And you have new performances and fascinating stories, numerous new versions and adventures ahead of you.

The application has no age restrictions; it will be nice, cozy, and funny for people of any age.

The application has the powerful social function since it helps cultivate children’s love to animals and cause connection between them. Child psychologists say that the program develops children’s curiosity and, what’s most important – it forms loyal attitude to the animal world.